Hello! My name is Laura.

Everybody seems to be the underdog these days. I’m just another underdog, out there giving life all I’ve got.

I was homeschooled K-12; which to most means I’m supposed to be socially awkward and sheltered. (I’m not saying those home schoolers don’t exist, but we aren’t all like that.Most blend in with the rest of society. You don’t even know we’re out in the world until you ask us how many were in our graduating class.)

Currently, I study journalism/PR at IUPUI, splitting my time between downtown Indy and southern Indiana’s, rural Hayden.

I grew up Catholic and, after careful research and prayer, am happily still so today.

My list of hobbies is endless, and ever growing

  • Traveling (especially to non-main stream places)
  • Growing Banana Palm Trees
  • Technicolor Musicals (especially Singing in the Rain)
  • Snow Skiing (though not well)

And a mile more.

But most fervently, I love to write.