Why are NASA themed parties not a thing?

It’s official: NASA themed parties need to be more common.

NASA was the theme this year of my family’s annual Independence Day celebration, and we had way too much fun with it.

We had a space/astronaut training obstacle course, a solar system hanging from our shade tree and I’m even told one of my aunts was wearing a space cat shirt! (Pretty  devastated I missed it.)

Below is photographic evidence that space themed parties should be a bigger deal. [Note: We always seem to forget to take enough photos at these parties; but then it is a water gun, water balloon, jump in the pool kind of party – so I guess that keeps most of the cameras inside]

4th 2017 Invite

“Houston, we have a problem” – due to scheduling conflicts on the 4th of July we had to push the party back. Turns out it’s never too late to celebrate America’s independence.


I always have high expectations when it comes to making the desserts – and I almost always fail to actually make the super cool dessert I saw on Pinterest. But THIS year, with the help of my mother, it finally happened:  Saturn cupcakes and moon landing brownies.


My favorite part of our obstacle course was the “Find the Big Dipper” obstacle. We took an old trampoline mat, put it up like a tent and taped stars of all different colors on the underside. The kids had to find the big dipper, which was made of all yellow stars.


The last obstacle was putting an American flag on the moon – the kids had to carry the flag through every obstacle, including an asteroid field.

So if you want to throw a NASA themed party, hit me up!

P.S. Now taking theme suggestions for 2018.

– L.H.

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