Ladies, Put Your Signs Down

[Brief update – I’ve been working full time as a communications intern for the Indiana House Republicans. I work under their communications director and her deputy, directly catering to the needs of the leadership legislators.]

For the last two months I’ve been working alongside some really great women at the Indiana Statehouse – Female legislators, women who are advising our highest state officials, and women who are going to law school in the evenings while working a full time job. This group of women – women excelling at their careers – are more inspiring to me than anyone protesting or sharing a Facebook post.

My point is, make it happen. You can wave your signs and have your protests; that’s great, do that. But I think sometimes we forget to take the next step. Stop shouting across the aisle. Educate yourself, excel in you field, and have a constructive conversation across the aisle instead.

I’ve had some great discussions with both male and female lawmakers and they all say the same thing. 1) We need more women in office and 2) Women wait to be asked to run for office.

That last point is very true. Most of the women I’ve met who are in office were asked and encouraged to consider running for office.

I don’t care what your career is. I think that’s one of my favorite things about working at the Statehouse; the assortment of careers. There are engineers, firemen, doctors, pharmacists and a variety of other livelihoods. It’s real people, with real careers, working on very real issues.

So ladies, here’s your invite – Run for office; whether it be next year or twenty years from now. Stay informed and excel in your career; that’s where I see a true difference being made.

~ L.H.

Photo: Rep. Richardson, my brilliant mother, myself, and Rep. Lehman – My mom (aka my hero) came to visit me at work last week and got to meet two of the wonderful representatives I work for.

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