The last three books I started in 2016

I ended 2016 and started 2017 with some really sublime reads. I am usually working my way through three books at a time; sometimes more.  It’s a bad habit I don’t plan on breaking anytime soon.

It’s a bit of a miracle I had three, half read, outrageously good books stacked next to my bed as I rolled into the new year – The Great Divorce, The Fr. Brown Mysteries, and Belgravia.

I’m not going to give you a summary of each because I could never do the author’s works justice. So I’m going to tell you one reason why I liked each. And if these reasons aren’t enough to make you consider reading these books, I hope someday you read them anyways.

  • The Great Divorce: By C.S. Lewis

I didn’t think such a short book could be so beautiful. It answered questions I thought I knew the answers to, or maybe it just showed me the answers in a different light.

~And perhaps ye had better not call this country Heaven. Not Deep Heaven, ye understand.” (Here he smiled at me). “Ye can call it the Valley of the Shadow of Life. And yet to those who stay here it will have been Heaven from the first. And ye can call those sad streets in the town yonder the Valley of the Shadow of Death: but to those who remain there they will have been Hell even from the beginning.” ~

  • Fr. Brown Mysteries – G.K. Chesterton

Don’t get caught up in the Fr. Brown half of the title and think it’s a religious book. This book is full of intricate mysteries, rivaling the likes of Sherlock Holmes – maybe better (dare I say).

  • Belgravia: By Julian Fellows  

It’s official (if it wasn’t already) – Julian Fellows is too talented. I didn’t think he could come close to writing something else as good as Downton Abbey; shame on me for doubting his genius. He did and it’s just as good. You know when you can guess the ending of the book and it kind of ruins your appetite to read anymore? Well let’s just say I never knew which way the plot to Belgravia was going. And I love that in a book.

Here’s to hoping the next three stacked next to my bed are just as good!

~ L.H.