Belated Launch

Start a Blog was at the top of my to-do list. I mean it was underlined and in bold.

I was going to document my summer. I was going on a milestone vacation, had a pile of books to read, and school wasn’t there to distract me; there were so many things going on I could write about. It was an ideal time to start a blog.

But … I didn’t get the blog launched at the start of the summer like planned.

I might feel bad IF I hadn’t checked off so many other things on my list.

So here it is. The completed things from my summer to-do list and my very first blog post.

  • WENT TO DISNEY WORLD FOR THE FIRST TIME! My excitement matched that of my eleven year old sister.
  • My brother and I built an amazing fire pit/patio. (Way more work than we thought it would be, but was absolutely worth it.)
  • I worked three jobs.
  • Planned and succeeded in having a Caribbean themed 4th of July/graduation party for my brother; not without a Caribbean food feast and a treasure hunt with dangerous pirates hiding in the woods.
  • Had a press release, including photos, printed in the Plain Dealer and Son
  • Went to a Darius Rucker concert and enjoyed it far more than I thought I would
  • My planter, which I watered faithfully all summer, won a champion at the county fair
  • Hosted several bonfires
  • Got to go to a Cold Play concert (Thank you to my cousin Ethan!)
  • Finally watched In the Heart of the Sea AND Saving Mr. Banks! Two movies I’ve wanted to see for some time. Both fantastic!
  • Finished reading three books.
  • Completed half of my Disney scrapbook (5 pages! The goal is to have 10)
  • Tie Dyed (To my chagrin, most of the dye washed out in the washer. And I had purple hands for a few days. But at least I tried it out!)

I hope to add to this list in the twenty days between now and school starting. But for now I’ll close with what was the first item on my summer to-do list.

  • Launch a blog

~ L.H.





One thought on “Belated Launch”

  1. Hi there Laura,

    Loved looking at your blog site. I guess I can add it to my Summer’s list as a first blog site visited. Great job and interestingly written. You are a good writer. I look forward to reading more. PS: I love to write also.


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